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Zeudy Mars Bio

*Brief Bio:

Zeudy is a passionate entrepreneur and  health coach that is here to teach women entrepreneurs how to fuel their body “the right way” so they can have more energy to make a big impact in the world with their business. She shares what she has learned from her own experience over the last 10 years and from some of the best teachers in the country while earning her Health Coach Certification.

*Long Bio:

Zeudy Mars is a Wellness Success coach who teaches women entrepreneurs how to fuel their body the right ways so they can have more energy  to make a big impact in the world with their business.   

Through the pillars of her signature program The Wellness Success Academy, women experience newfound energy, more clarity to serve their clients and exactly what they need to not only thrive in their business but also in their life.

Zeudy Mars shares what she has learned from her own experience over the last 10 years and from some of the best teachers in the country, including Dr. Oz and Dr. Hayman while she was earning her Health Coach Certification from the Institute for IntegrativeNutrition. 

Zeudy knows firsthand that building a business can take a toll on your health, which is why she is so passionate about her mission - because it doesn't have to be that way. And she speaks from experience.  Zeudy successfully built an activewear clothing line to a 6 figure business while two of her kids were under the age of three. Her activewear line made it to the cover of many fitness magazines including Shape, Muscle Fitness Hers, and Iron Man Magazine just to name a few.

When she is not spending time with her 4 kids and husband or working out in the gorgeous Florida sun…She is helping women entrepreneurs live their best life through the abundance of tools in her Wellness Success Academy.



  • Why visionaries and successful entrepreneurs chose to focus on health first.
  • Why the “I'll sleep when I die” mentality is obsolete and only leads to burnt out and exhaustion.
  • Three changes you can make today to have the energy to focus on your business.
  • The Wellness Success six step framework: food, fitness, sleep, relationships, mindset, and purpose.
  • How neglecting your fitness and health is costing your business money.



  • Why are making lifestyle changes can be so hard?
  • How not taking care of yourself is costing your business money?
  • What are some easy lifestyle changes our listeners can implement today to start feeling better?
  • What would you recommend for entrepreneurs that travel a lot and are having to eat out consistently?
  • How did you get into wellness in the first place?
  • Why the lack of self-care is keeping you stuck.


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